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  1. Nandina shrubs (Nandina domestica) are the kinds of plants that gardeners soil and shady spots don't faze nandinas, though they need morning or afternoon sunlight to put on their best.
  2. Nandina is a commonly cultivated ornamental upright evergreen shrub known for its beautiful bright red berries. It has a habit of suckering and reseeds itself readily, occasionally naturalizing. It has a cane-like growth and can grow ' tall. It is weedy in disturbed areas, persisting after planting and escaping.
  3. Noted for its spectacular red berries and excellent foliage color, Nandina domestica (Heavenly Bamboo) is an attractive, small, evergreen or semi-evergreen shrub adding multi-season beauty to the garden. In spring, a profusion of tiny, white flowers adorned with golden anthers appear in long arching panicles at the tips of the branches. Rich in nectar, they are of great interest to bees and.
  4. From China and Japan, nandina is a true survivor. Old plants are often seen growing in cemeteries, overgrown gardens, on abandoned homesites, where they fruit and flower for decades with absolutely no care. Nandina takes sun or shade, tolerates drought (although well-drained soil is essential), and.
  5. Nandina is a versatile shrub, with compact varieties to serve as groundcovers or foreground foliage in your landscape and larger varieties that can grow to nearly 8 feet tall. They look great in an Asian garden, of course, or in a native landscape. Simply prune the shrub less than you would for a hedge planting and let the Nandina take its more.
  6. Nandina domestica. Sku # Lacy green leaves on upright cane-like stems turn brilliant red in autumn. Clusters of tiny cream-colored flowers are followed by bright red berries. Versatile and durable, effective as a specimen plant for screening or in borders. Use for mass plantings to create an intense, colorful landscape effect as color changes.
  7. See, regular nandina (Nandina domestica), also humorously known as "heavenly bamboo," grows a nearly impenetrable network of thick roots that keeps expanding every time, a small clump grows into a thicket the approximate size of Delaware. Extracting a clump using a pick or shovel goes about as fast as chiseling your way out of Steve Bender.
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